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Find Your Purpose:

Create your Path to Growth & Fulfillment

Join us for an interactive workshop where you will learn to find and connect with your purpose, build a plan to take action, and put yourself in the captain’s seat for your journey of growth.

May 8th, 2020

Morristown, NJ


Learn How to Fulfill Your Purpose and Spark the Next Phase of Your Career

This Workshop Will Help You:

  • Build self-awareness of your strengths

  • Gain guidance from professional coaches

  • Develop a personal plan for career growth

  • Gain the confidence to take action

  • Discover where your talent, your passion, and a market need come together for opportunity

  • Connect with others on the journey to gain diverse perspectives and support

What People Have Said About The Workshop

“Inspired the possibility that change can lead to something much more fulfilling.”

– Winter 2020 Workshop Attendant

“Helped me to realize how transferable my skills are to a role that will be more fulfilling and rewarding.”

– Winter 2020 Workshop Attendant

“Tremendous impact. Everything he taught and said all connected and clicked.”

– Winter 2020 Workshop Attendant



Take Control Over Your Journey

Define The Next Stage Of Your Career

Find and Fulfill Your Purpose

Meet Ken Warman

Leadership Consultant, Coach, Speaker
& Founder of The Leader’s Evolution

Ken runs the “Find Your Purpose” Workshop for The Leader’s Evolution. He is a strategic leader and trusted advisor with a history of success achieved through a combination of diverse business experiences and talent development skills.

Through his coaching and programs, Ken builds deep relationships of trust with his clients and elevates them through heightened self-awareness and authentic dialogue, resulting in improvement of individual and team performance.

Ken Warman

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Register now and get a complimentary one-to-one coaching session with Ken Warman.  You’ll also get a post workshop follow-up session to shape your progress and achieve your plan.

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An interactive, full-day workshop that will be a catalyst for you to find your purpose, build a plan, and become the captain of your career journey.

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  • Full day interactive workshop experience.
  • You’ll develop a Personal Plan for the next chapter in your career.
  • You’ll work with professional leadership coaches that will guide you.
  • You’ll connect with others on similar journeys.
  • You’ll gain diverse perspectives and support and expand your network.
  • Spend the day in a contemporary meeting space — with breakfast and lunch!

“I’m so glad I took the time and made the investment in this workshop…”

“…Packed with great activities and interactions towards self-awareness and a purpose driven, fulfilling life. Everyone should do this!”

– Winter 2020 Workshop Attendant

Want to Learn More?

Set up an exploratory call with Ken to find out if this workshop is right for you. Ken will explain how it works, what you’ll get out of it, and where it can take you in your career. Schedule a free call with Ken and take the first step in your journey. 

Find Your Purpose:

Create your Path to Growth & Fulfillment

In this 1-day workshop you’ll get guidance from professional coaches, develop a plan for growth and take control over your career.