A Message From Founder Ken Warman

I am proud to publicly launch The Leader’s Evolution, a leadership consulting firm with the mission to “build and develop successful people, great leaders, and high-performing teams”.

When starting something new, I always begin with the question “WHY?”. So, WHY The Leader’s Evolution?

I am fascinated by the impact of leadership. I am inspired by great leaders who stand up for what is right even when it is difficult (MLK Jr), who lead against overwhelming adversity and overcome it (Mandela), who boldly call out for us to be better versions of ourselves (JFK), and who bend to a knee to serve others (Mother Theresa). These leaders are famous because of the effect they have had on so many, and there is much to be learned from their example.

I am equally fascinated by the acts of everyday leaders – recognizing a teammate’s contribution, creating openness and an ability to challenge, dealing with perceived failures as learning opportunities, asking the right questions and listening to the answers. These leadership behaviors and many others can propel a team forward to greatness.

I believe much of our happiness and personal fulfillment is driven by our involvement in teams. The teams are numerous and varied across our lives – families, work teams, sports teams, groups of faith, music groups and many more. They generate strong feelings of engagement and fulfill us when they are operating well (and great levels of frustration when they are not!).  

Leadership is a powerful catalyst for the success of these teams, and particularly so in our work teams.

Through my life and career, I’ve experienced and observed that true leadership takes great courage. But the courage to lead is not innate. For me, it has always been brought out through learning from others, increased self-awareness, commitment, and practice – and under the watchful eye of a capable coach, teacher, or leader.  I am energized to serve in this role for my clients and their teams.

I’m curious to hear about your views of leadership and teamwork, both individually and in your teams and organizations, and how I may be able to help.

Its WHY The Leader’s Evolution exists.