What are the benefits of having a coach?


It’s about achieving higher levels of performance.  Far beyond what you thought was possible….

Leaders have a significant impact on how teams and organizations perform. They set the tone, draw the best from those around them, and drive team success. Teams led by complete leaders are much more likely to become high-performing teams, and those teams quite simply produce the best results…..again and again.

But we all know that doesn’t happen easily or as often as we would want in our current business teams.

  • Only about 1 in 7 employees say they are actively engaged at work
  • Only about 1 in 8 say they use their strengths most of the time at work

Imagine if an athletic team or a musical group was largely disengaged and not playing to their strengths. What would the result be? Lots of losses for that sports team. Lots of notes off key for that musical group. No fun for the players or musicians either. Yet this is essentially what many business teams are experiencing.

Strong, effective, and dynamic leadership can change this. It can get our business teams engaged, energized, and performing at high levels.

Coaching is a direct investment into the development of leaders, and leaders have a high leverage impact on the performance of the teams they run.  Through engaging with a coach, a leader can magnify their talents and create engagement and follower-ship across their teams. This causes a ripple effect that raises the performance levels of not only the teams they manage but also generates stronger performance across their organizations.


It’s about making changes.  Changes in behaviors that matter.

The need to adapt and change is a foundational element of long-term success. Yet, it is in our wiring as humans to resist change. And many leaders initially see the prospect of changing from “what got me here” both challenging and threatening.

A coach helps the leader build the mindset, muscles, and adaptive behaviors to change. To change in ways that impact the current experience and drive the broader evolution of the leader. By fostering a growth mindset, the coach helps the leader identify and eliminate barriers, unlocking new areas of learning and discovery.

With the rapid advance of technology, the speed with which technical knowledge can be gained at our fingertips, and the growth and power of customer centricity, the need for business leaders to master adaptive skills is more critical than it has ever been. The ability to change and adapt will only become more valuable and necessary in the next decade.

A skilled coach is a powerful ally and catalyst for leaders to embrace change and become change agents who will thrive in the competitive environment we face today and tomorrow.


It’s about being fulfilled with our lives.  Achieving our purpose.

There are many measures that we can use to gauge success. And by the external and visible measures, you would think many leaders and professionals would be feeling quite good about themselves.

But when you get into a deep and open discussion with a leader about how he/she is really doing – there are often things missing. There are big gaps and needs. There are things out of balance.

Working with a talented coach allows a leader to develop a meaningful connection (or reconnection) with their purpose. The discovery of what is truly important, consistent with their most fundamental values. The pursuit of that purpose through actions which ultimately result in learning, progress, and achievement of the goal.

My most rewarding moments in coaching are when we get to the discoveries that really matter to the client – creating a legacy, building up others to win as a team, connecting success in both professional and personal lives, aligning action directly to the purpose they are here to achieve. It’s about finding fulfillment.

Performance. Change. Fulfillment.

The value of coaching is about the client finding higher levels of all three. Finding ways to achieve them more frequently and easily. And a talented coach can help get you there.