Companies that employ 10-100 employees truly drive our US economy and are the lifeblood of our country and local communities.  These companies and their leaders demonstrate entrepreneurial spirit, great talent, and tremendous resolve.  Yet businesses of this size find themselves under extraordinary pressure and challenges in the current environment. 

Companies of this size often hit plateaus where they struggle to grow. The owners and leaders that run these companies experience similar challenges and hurdles across phases of the organization’s development.  The existence of these blocking challenges and the struggle to overcome them can be extremely frustrating.

Why does this happen? How can we unlock the stages of growth we seek as business owners?

The Business Growth dilemma

As we engage with business owners and leaders, there are several themes that emerge frequently:

  1. Owners are highly skilled and gifted in their core competency (architecture, engineering, accounting, law, manufacturing, information technology, etc), but lack depth of experience in other key business management areas necessary to achieve the next level of desired growth.
  2. Business owners feel isolated and lonely at the top, as they do not have people around them to share ideas, shape perspectives and harness new ideas.
  3. Owners and leaders are consumed by the core work of their business and don’t invest in themselves to continue to develop, evolve and grow as a leader and person.

Do any of these describe your challenges?

Why Your Company Needs a Swiss Army Knife

You need a Swiss Army Knife! You remember that amazing tool you had as a kid that had a gadget and solution for every problem.

Running a business requires capability and expertise across a very broad set of management skills – Strategic thinking and planning; Financial expertise; Decision-making; Execution skills; Talent, Relationship Building, and Management skills; Marketing and Influencing skills.  The list goes on and it is both diverse and long!  Very few people possess strength across all these areas.  Business owners should surround themselves with people that have encountered a diverse set of experiences and can be a resource across a broad set of management activities.

The Swiss Army Knife Leader finds success by utilizing the talent and perspectives of others that possess strength and experiences in these important areas.

So how can you access these advisors?

CEO Peer Groups

Join a CEO Peer Group – Imagine the value of having 10 dynamic leaders around you to share your questions and challenges, to shape your ideas and perspectives. All of them are business owners themselves, grappling with similar challenges, but they are not in competition with you. They understand the challenges and have faced many similar obstacles. Now add a professional facilitator and coach to guide your discussions and learnings in business strategy, financial processes, business management, talent and hiring and many more areas that will propel you and your business forward. They are YOUR TEAM!

How amazing would it be to have that type of group on your side?

Share your Goals and Challenges – we currently serve business owners and leaders by providing them with the “Swiss Army Knife” expertise they need as a catalyst to achieve new levels of growth. 

What are your goals for the coming year? What are the challenges and barriers you face?

Reach out to The Leader’s Evolution today to learn more about these forum groups and how they can accelerate your growth.

Key Takeaways

  • Businesses that employ 10-100 people fuel our economy, but can often get stuck at key stages of growth.
  • Business owners and leaders can feel isolated and lonely at the top, and the environment over the past year has only served to heighten this challenge.
  • Competency in your core arena must be complemented by other business management skills to achieve sustained business success and growth.
  • Joining a talented peer group with a professional facilitator will serve as a catalyst of personal and business growth.

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