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Ken Warman – Executive Leadership Coach & Motivational Speaker 

Energize your next large meeting, offsite, or team session with a dynamic speaker and facilitator. Ken Warman has a proven track record of building successful leaders and high performing teams. Through a strong technical foundation and dynamic approach, Ken creates engagement, personal growth, and successful business outcomes.

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Ken began his journey with teamwork and leadership on athletic fields. He has developed those skills throughout his career, ultimately leading teams as a CFO, COO, and Head of Consulting Practice in a Fortune 100 company. Through his business and finance background, Ken understands the business components of what your organization is trying to achieve and can create a more targeted and focused outcome to success.


Ken speaks on a variety of leadership, teamwork, and culture-building topics. He conveys these messages through powerful storytelling and connects with audiences to provoke self-reflection and commitment to action. Highly impacted by his father’s service in the Marine Corps, Ken knows the importance of the discipline, sacrifice, and commitment to service that effective leaders possess.


Ken uses an interactive style to help groups explore higher levels of leadership excellence. Most importantly, guiding teams through connecting individual purpose to a common purpose and exploring how having a common goal can elevate teams to new heights.

Signature Topics:

  • How to Create and Lead a High-Performance Team

  • Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

  • The Power of Purpose to Accomplish Transformational Change

  • Build Leaders that Build Culture

  • Leading in a Hybrid Environment

  • How to Build a Common Purpose for your Team

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Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Wharton’s Global Leadership Program – December 2023

Keynote Speaker – AICPA Annual Conference

Past Speaking Engagements

Leading Transformational Change 2023 Forum

The Power of Purpose

In the world of leadership, few concepts are as significant as purpose. The 2023 Leading Transformational Change Forum introduces “The Power of Purpose,” presented by Ken Warman, Founder of The Leader’s Evolution. This session delves into the concept of purpose in leadership, highlighting its role in inspiring meaningful change and leaving a lasting impact. Through real-world examples and practical strategies, attendees will learn to identify, shape, and apply the power of purpose.

LDP Connect logo
Keynote Speaker LDP Connect Conference

Polarity Management

LDP Connect facilitates collaboration among the community of corporate professionals who grow early-career hires into leaders. Ken was the keynote speaker at their annual conference and addressed “Polarity Management” – how to make tough decisions, and how to manage in a constrained environment and lead through it! Ken shared a framework to create new solutions to address the competing forces that challenge us in our jobs. He encouraged the LDP Connect community to “go far together” by rallying to support each other during the session and thereafter.

Association for Corporate Growth New Jersey

The Future of Work

As a guest panelist, Ken led a discussion on leadership elements of The Future of Work and what leaders should focus on in a post-COVID/hybrid environment.

Key topics included:

  • How to create high-performing, flexible workplaces
  • How we will lead our companies and teams in this evolving environment
  • What we should focus on to be successful in balance and management of the flexible work environment
Professional Women in Construction, Philadelphia Chapter

Building Strong Professional Relationships

To kick off its Mentorship Program, PWC Philadelphia partnered with Ken Warman for this interactive workshop to learn how to build impactful, meaningful, and valuable professional relationships. The event focused on discovering strengths, enhancing professional relationships, and kicking off a peer mentoring program that will create an ongoing environment for the growth and support of its members.

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