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Leadership Consulting

The Leader’s Evolution provides the design and delivery of development programs and training to elevate the performance of your leaders and their teams.  We partner with our clients to identify specific goals and shape programs to target development areas. This includes seminars, leader cohort programs, team building sessions, and situational leadership consulting that will raise performance levels of your team.  Prepare and propel new leaders, mid-career leaders, and leadership teams forward through a designed program or consultative solution.

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Leadership Coaching

Ken Warman builds deep relationships of trust with his coaching clients. He guides them through self-discovery, heightened self-awareness, and performance improvement. He fosters a growth mindset and helps the coachee deliver results using goal-oriented coaching techniques. Ken offers behavioral, emotional intelligence, 360-degree feedback and other assessment tools to guide development. Coaching clients achieve enhanced levels of performance, change, and fulfillment.

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Speaking Engagements

Energize your next large meeting, offsite, or team session with a dynamic speaker and facilitator. Ken speaks on a variety of leadership, teamwork, and culture building topics. He conveys these messages through powerful storytelling and connects with audiences to provoke self-reflection and commitment to action.  Ken uses an interactive style that will help your group explore higher levels of leadership excellence.

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Ken Warman speaking to MBA students at Rutgers University

Coaching On Every Level.

Coaching benefits many levels of a company.  In many organizations, the greatest need for collaboration and teams that produce high-performance results is often at the mid to upper management level. This is where new leaders are beginning their journey, where new ideas and customer solutions are created, and where most of the cross-functional teamwork is performed. Coaching at these levels is extremely valuable and will create performance improvement at the place where it is needed the most.

Poor Leadership Can Be Costly.

Teams that lack complete leaders produce sub-par performance in both profitability and productivity.  These teams suffer from lack of engagement and don’t achieve their goals.

Invest In Great Leadership.

Coaching is a direct investment into the development of leaders, and these leaders have a high leverage impact on the performance of the teams they run.  Coaching leaders is a cost-effective way to create an advantage over competitors through culture and team performance. 

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