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One in 5 workers plan to quit their jobs in 2022, according to one of the largest surveys of the global workforce.  As I work with talented professionals across many industries and fields, I hear about people and teams with lack of engagement, less fulfillment, little or no connection, and broad frustration:

  • “We just haven’t figured this hybrid thing out.”
  • “I feel like our culture has eroded.”
  • “We are not well connected as a team.”
  • “People are stressed out.”
  • “I am stressed out!”

Why is this happening?  And what can we do to fix it?

What We’ve Learned

The pandemic created a shift in the working environment across most companies – and the change has created significant challenges and a new leadership paradigm.

We learned many tough lessons during the COVID pandemic.  But let me share three things that we GAINED, that on the surface, appear POSITIVE:

  1. Employees worked independently and remotely for a long period of time – and proved they could do the core elements of their job well that way
  2. Employees got new freedoms and flexibility they found very valuable, and they want those to continue in their future working environment
  3. Most companies survived and many even thrived – as they focused solely on what was most important in the moment

But while that was playing out, there were some very important things that were silently, slowly being damaged:

  • Culture suffered
  • Teams drifted apart
  • Collaboration became tougher
  • Creativity was stunted
  • Connection and relationships with teammates diminished

Companies have stumbled through how the hybrid work environment will work, with most failing to get it right.  Many employees have resigned, and many others are thinking about doing it soon.  Results are beginning to suffer, productivity is dropping, and profitability lagging.

So, who can fix this seemingly broken system? OUR LEADERS CAN.

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Leadership: The Key to Mastering the Paradigm Shift

Leaders hold the key to changing this landscape, adapting to the new conditions, and making our work teams hum again!

At The Leader’s Evolution, we partner with Leaders as a coach and catalyst so that they solve this challenge.  Each situation is customized, but generally comprise some aspect of these steps:

  1. ASK (and LISTEN!) – we meet directly with leaders and their teammates to clearly identify the gaps, challenges, and stressors
  2. ASSESS – we use proven behavioral, strength based, and team building tools to assess the current state and craft the forward path
  3. ACTION – we create and take specific actions in partnership with the leaders to address the challenges and create the right environment for success

Examples of Mastering Hybrid Work

The Leader’s Evolution has done this with impactful results at several companies…. here are a couple of examples:

At Johnson & Johnson, we partnered with an executive leader and her leadership team to address challenges in this new hybrid environment.  We held group listening and coaching sessions, determined root causes, and created specific actions designed to change the dynamics and rebuild team culture and connection.

At Slalom, we led two senior leadership teams through a transformative, high performance team program that built trust across the team in this new environment and brought them closer together around a common purpose.

At firms across pharmaceutical, financial services, healthcare, energy, architectural and engineering, biosciences, professional services, and many others – we are coaching leaders to CHANGE these challenges into opportunities – to bring their teams together and differentiate themselves against competitors who aren’t.

Learn to Lead, Learn to Win.

The leadership paradigm has shifted once again.  To find success in this new environment, it takes a thoughtful approach, intentional focus, and actions that the LEADER must initiate.

Build stronger teams.  Create culture again.  Lead and win in this new environment.

Contact us to begin the journey and propel your organization and team forward.