Team Program

High-Performance Team Building

Develop a High-Performing Team

Invest in your team to build a high-performance culture based on a foundation of trust. 

Invest in Your Team

A Catalyst For Your Team.

Through group and individual coaching, our program is a catalyst for your team to reach new levels. Create a learning environment that generates higher levels of commitment and accountability, ultimately leading to greater results.

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Experience The 4 Pillars of Leadership

Authentic Leadership

Leading with purpose, embrace vulnerability, storytelling.

Emotional Intelligence

Build self-awareness, behavior style awareness, engagement with team.

Collaboration & Teamwork

Strength awareness, challenges/constraints, leadership agility.

Ownership & Accountability

Safety for risk taking, complete ownership, accountable culture.

Build a Great Team

Program Deliverables

Group Coaching

Explore core elements and create an interactive environment for discussion and growth.

1×1 Coaching

1×1 coaching with experienced business leader and trained executive coach in organizational performance.

Leadership Assessments

Behavioral assessments plus interpretation and application.

Ignite Growth

Through investment in leaders you’ll create an independent and open environment to share challenges and ignite growth.

Experiential Learning

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Milestones & Outcomes

  1. Understand the importance of trust as foundation of high-performing teams.

  2. Learn actions and behaviors that promote deeper connections.

  3. Increase self-awareness of how you are perceived.

  4. Learn how your behavioral style influences how we build relationships.

  5. Collaborate more effectively through established goals.

  6. Create a team prepared to enhance delivery & value.

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The Leader’s Evolution Team Program

High-Performance Team Building

Develop A High-Performing Team

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