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Case Study: Slalom

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About Slalom

Slalom is a rapidly growing business and technology consulting firm that is “building better tomorrows” for its clients across the world. Slalom teams are driven to do what is right, and to help clients realize their vision. They do this by uniquely focusing on people, above all else. Slalom engaged The Leader’s Evolution to transform its talented senior leadership team in the New Jersey market into a high-performing team.

“We are sharper, crisper, action oriented and just better at getting things done.”


  • Leadership team and NJ market were established at the onset of Covid – creating challenges in bonding, connectivity and alignment.

  • Growth in market was incredibly fast but created strains and pressures that impacted team culture.

  • Spent significant focus on performance measures and execution, leading to a high risk of burnout.


The Slalom team engaged in a seven-month transformational journey to become a high performing team built on a foundation of trust. 

Group development sessions and off-site workshops focused on: 

  • Defining and sharing purpose
  • Building trust
  • Creating and aligning on a common vision
  • Establishing open and transparent communications across the team

Individual coaching sessions with each member led to discovery of key challenges, reinforced learnings from team sessions, and created individual growth which was connected to the team’s evolution.


“This program has been a tremendous success story for our company”

Results for The Entire Team

Slalom’s NJ leadership team and market soared in late 2021 through 2022 and is now built on a sustainable leadership framework that will propel it forward in the years to come.

The team built greater self-awareness, an appreciation for complimentary working styles and talents, and better use of time and energy when the team is together.  They discovered more effective ways of sharing responsibility for important initiatives across sub-teams.  Significant growth was experienced by each individual, the team, and its leader.   

Quantifiable Program Results

Slalom NJ rapidly grew from 75 to 225 employees and is now one of Slalom’s top growing markets in the US.

Financial and utilization targets were exceeded and the growth trajectory for 2022 and beyond is robust.

What  Leaders at Slalom had to say:

  • “We are sharper, crisper, action oriented and just better at getting things done”
  • “We now have a trusting environment where we can share”
  • “We are more focused on accomplishing goals to completion”
  • “This program has been a tremendous success story for our company”

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