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Case Study: Regeneron



About Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

Regeneron is a leading biotechnology company that turns science into medicine! They discover, develop, and commercialize products that fight eye disease, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and inflammation.  The senior leadership team within Regeneron’s Retinal Division was approaching a huge opportunity – the launch of a blockbuster treatment in one of their core businesses. The team needed to elevate its performance and leadership in order to successfully launch the new product.

The Leader’s Evolution partnered with Regeneron to elevate their Senior Leadership Team so they could successfully launch a new market-leading treatment.

“We have grown as a team in working style.”

“We can count on each other now.”

“This whole experience has been growth for me.”


  • The launch of such a high profile product required a cohesive team mindset and common goals.

  • It was vital for Technically Proficient Managers to enhance leadership skills and unite around a common purpose.


The Leader’s Evolution delivered its High Performance Team Program and took the leadership team through an 8 month developmental journey.

This tailored program focused on:

  • Building trust
  • Creating an open environment to discuss challenges
  • Creating a shared purpose and engaging all team members in the effort

Dynamic group development sessions were held to engage in experiential learning and discussion of real challenges. Each member of the team was individually coached on how to improve their leadership and contribute to the overall success of the team.


“This has been a very successful journey. I am thrilled with how the teams are working together.”

Siloed Groups Became a United, High-Performing Team

The Leadership Team created a deep trust, formed a newly-stated common purpose, and elevated their performance to meet the significant needs of the launch.
As a result the blockbuster product, EYLEA HD successfully launched to market. This new product reestablished Regeneron’s dominant position in the Retinal market.

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