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Case Study: Karyopharm®

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About Karyopharm

Karyopharm is an innovation-driven pharmaceutical company whose core technology leverages the inhibition of nuclear export as a mechanism to treat patients with cancer and other medical conditions. Karyopharm’s primary focus is on developing novel drugs which they hope will help treat patients with certain blood cancers or solid tumors. Karyopharm hired The Leader’s Evolution to transform their sales leadership and invest in their leaders to build a winning culture.

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“After each interaction with Ken, I walk away with behaviors that can be immediately put into practice!”

– Amy H.


  • New leadership team was looking to rebuild morale and confidence in sales team.

  • Culture felt by team was micro-management, complete focus on metrics, questioning and punitive.

  • Team consisted of new regional leaders with little experience leading a team.

  • Battling the new zoom/hybrid environment where interaction with team and customers highly limited.


The Karyopharm team participated in a 6-month group leadership development program that focused on 6 key aspects:

  • Building trust
  • Leading with purpose
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Collaboration
  • Teamwork
  • Accountability

The Leader’s Evolution provided individual leadership coaching to enhance growth and development to their key leaders.

Each leader completed the Insights Discovery assessment which provided the opportunity to:

  • Explore and discover more about themselves
  • Learn how to recognize and appreciate other’s differences
  • Adapt behavior to interact more effectively with others
  • Put their learning into practice


Karyopharm’s experience with The Leader’s Evolution resulted in a more cohesive team with improved morale and communication.

Results for Key Leaders

Karyopharm’s key leaders are now leading with confidence which enables them to have courageous conversations with their teams that are candid, clear and caring to improve performance.

At the end of the program with The Leader’s Evolution Karyopharm’s key leaders were able to:

  • Build a high-level of trust with their teams.
  • Lead with heightened emotional intelligence of themselves and others personas.
  • Inspire others to be their best selves which has driven increased performance.

Quantifiable Leadership Results

Karyopharm sales team engaged TLE in Q1-2021. After just 6 months in the TLE program and coaching Sales performance has improved dramatically.

increase in Sales Results YoY Q3
increase in Sales Results YoY Q4

What a Leader at Karyopharm had to say:

“I continue to enjoy the leadership development sessions. I most enjoy the time focused on exploring asking questions and active listening…

It’s a personal leadership goal of mine to communicate and lead meetings & team discussions through powerful questions vs. updating or making statements.

After each interaction with Ken, I walk away with behaviors/practices that can be immediately put into practice!” Amy H.

– Amy H.

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