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Case Study: ARCHforensic®

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About ARCHforensic

ARCHforensic is a rapidly growing architectural and engineering firm based in New Jersey looking to take their business to the next level. Although they have achieved a great level of success in their first five years, their upward trajectory started to plateau. Owner, operator and founder, Chris Ling engaged The Leader’s Evolution for executive coaching, team development, and a business management strategy to promote the company’s continued growth.

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Christopher Ling of ARCHforensic

The Client

Christopher D. Ling, AIA, NCARB, PP, LEEDap, CCT
Managing Principal, Forensic Architect
Christopher D. Ling is an award-winning Registered Architect and Professional Planner who has been working in the construction industry since 1986. He is licensed in twelve states and holds a national certification for architecture.

Ready For an Evolution

Founder, Chris Ling recognized that leadership coaching would propel his team and firm forward and bring them to the next level of growth and success.


  • Lack of a robust business strategy and some business management practices were causing roadblocks to their success.

  • Employees were working in individual silos and needed to create a team culture.

  • Challenges had emerged on certain projects and in some relationships that prevented progress.

  • In order to grow to the next level and create the right environment, ARCHforensic needed change.


The Leader’s Evolution provided leadership coaching to Chris Ling (owner/operator) and across the entire team. We worked through challenges they were experiencing, provided crucial insight on decision making and established new management practices.

We created a team environment where employees would meet in a daily huddle and learned to communicate better. Through coaching, we were able to focus on each individual’s strengths to ensure the right person was called on for key activities and the team gelled as a result.


ArchForensic became a cohesive team with improved employee morale and communication. Through our leadership coaching and team development, the entire team was elevated to a new, higher level of performance.

In a year where many businesses struggled during the pandemic, performance and productivity have increased.

year over year increase in revenue
year over year increase in billable hours
Employee engagement and performance is high!
ArchForensic Architecture team
ArchForensic Architecture office

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