Building Emotional Intelligence

Building Emotional Intelligence – makes all the difference. Emotional Intelligence is “the great differentiator” between top leaders and the all the rest.

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“Emotional Intelligence accounts for 80% of career success.”

Daniel Goleman

Emotional Intelligence Is Critical For Leaders.

The EQ Performance Gap

When EQ is lacking it creates:

  • Low morale & poor performance
  • Poor connection & communication
  • Lack of engagement & low discretionary effort

Learning Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence can be learned!

  • Learn skills, behaviors and approaches to build emotional intelligence through our program.
  • Leverage learning with an ICF trained coach and proven executive to build this critical attribute in your leadership team.
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Experience The 4 Pillars of Emotional Intelligence.



Relational Connection


Build Emotional Intelligence

Program Deliverables

  • Group/Team Workshops

  • 1×1 Coaching

  • Diagnostic Assessments

  • Ignite Growth – build self awareness & confidence

  • Experiential Learning

Program Outcomes

  1. Improved performance.

  2. Higher levels of collaboration and teamwork.

  3. Greater creativity and willingness to share ideas.

  4. Stronger communication and alignment.

  5. Far higher levels of engagement and discretionary effort.

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